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Personal Annotations

   If you do not want to share your musings about a particular document
with the entire network, you can add a personal annotation that only you
can see.  Personal annotations are stored in a subdirectory in the users
account on the local disk, with a log file that contains information
about what URLs have been annotated and which files contain the

   W3 will look in the directory specified by
`w3-personal-annotation-directory' (defaults to
`~/.mosaic-personal-annotations').  Any personal annotations for a
document will be automatically appended when it is retrieved.

   To add a new personal annotation, type `M-x
w3-add-personal-annotation'.  This will put you in a new buffer, in
HTML-mode.  If you are not familiar with HTML-mode, hit C-h m for
instructions, and see the file html-mode.el that came with W3.  At the
top of this buffer is an HTML tag </PRE>.  If you don't want to use any
HTML commands, you can delete this and just type in your message and it
should be formatted just as you type it.  If you leave this in, you can
use any HTML formatting command (italics, headings, bold, etc) except
adding a title.  When you are finished editing your annotation, hit C-c
C-c.  It will then prompt you for a title for your annotation,
defaulting to Annotation by <user information> on <date>.

   To delete a personal annotation, you must be reading it.  Once
reading the annotation, type `M-x w3-delete-personal-annotation'.  It
will delete the file containing the annotation, and any references to
it in your log file.

   I do not currently support editing personal annotations.

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