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More Help

   If you need more help on W3, please send me mail
(wmperry@indiana.edu).  Several discussion lists have also been created
for W3.  To subscribe, send mail to <listname>-request@indiana.edu.
All other mail should go to <listname>@indiana.edu

   * w3-announce - this list is for anyone interested in W3, and should
     in general only be used by me.  The gnu.emacs.sources newsgroup
     and a few other mailing lists are included on this.  You may use
     this if you have written an enhancement to W3 that you wish more
     people to know about.  (www-announce@info.cern.ch is included on
     this list).

   * w3-beta - this list is for beta testers of W3.  These brave souls
     test out not-quite stable code.

   * w3-dev - a list consisting of myself and a few other people who are
     interested in the internals of W3, and doing active development
     work.  Pretty dead right now, but I hope it will grow.

   If you need more help on the World Wide Web in general, please refer
to the newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.  There are also several
discussion lists concerning the Web.  Send mail to
listserv@info.cern.ch with a subject line of 'subscribe <listname>'.
All mail should go to <listname>@info.cern.ch.  Administrative mail
should go to www-admin@info.cern.ch.  The lists are:

   * www-talk - for general discussion of the World Wide Web, where its
     going, new features, etc.  All the major developers are subscribed
     to this list.

   * www-announce - for announcements concerning the World Wide Web.
     Server changes, new servers, new software, etc.

   As a last resort, you may always mail me.  I'll try to answer as
quickly as I can.

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