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Future Directions

   Changes are constantly being made to the emacs browser (hopefully all
for the better).  This is a list of the things that are being worked on
right now.
     Fix before 2.2
       1. more texinfo documentation

       2. Way to save url under point without viewing it first.

       3. Fix <DL> handling.

       4. ability to read in .info files natively

       5. cacheing - easy in emacs19/lucid - just grab the entire
          buffer and tell it to save the text properties, then insert
          it into a new buffer and boom, done

       6. have a 'timeout' when retrieving images.  Use (nth 1
          (current-time)) when in lucid.

       7. PATHs

       8. TABLEs

       9. Merge hotlist stuff with bookmark.el

     Long range goals
       1. Multi-DTD browsing

       2. Style sheets

       3. New parser, with process-filter and process-sentinel

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