(w3.info)Advanced Features

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Advanced Features

* Searching
How to search entire sections of the web for what you want, automatically.
* Interfacing to VM
How to make VM understand hypertext links
* Interfacing to RMAIL
How to make RMAIL understand hypertext links
* Interfacing to GNUS
How to make GNUS understand hypertext links
* Using PGP/PEM
How to use various public-key crypto-systems to ensure the security of your HTTP transactions.
* Native WAIS Support
How to make W3 understand WAIS links without using a gateway.
* Rating Links
How to make W3 put an 'interestingness' value next to each link.
* Gopher+ Support
How W3 makes use of the Gopher+ protocol.
* Hooks
Various hooks to use throughout W3
* Other Variables
Miscellaneous variables that control the real guts of W3.

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