(vm.info)Reading Digests

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Reading Digests

   A "digest" is one or more mail messages encapsulated in a single

   VM supports digests by providing a command to "burst" them into their
individual messages.  These messages can then be handled like any other
messages under VM.

   The command `*' (`vm-burst-digest') bursts a digest into its
individual messages and appends them to current folder.  These messages
are then assimilated into the current folder using the default
grouping.  Note: Grouping Messages.  The original digest message is
not altered, and the messages extracted from it are not part of the
on-disk copy of the folder until a save is done.

   If you give a prefix argument to `vm-burst-digest', it will attempt
to cope with non-RFC 934 compliant digests.  If `vm-burst-digest' seems
to be breaking digests at inappropriate places, most likely the digest
is not compliant with the standard.  In this case try using the prefix

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