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Ex Commands

   In vi mode, you can execute an Ex command EX-COMMAND by typing:
   Every Ex command follows the following pattern:

where all parts are optional.  For the syntax of "address", the reader
is referred to the reference manual of Ex.

   In the current version of VIP, searching by Ex commands is always
"magic".  That is, search patterns are always treated as "regular
expressions".  For example, a typical forward search would be invoked by
`:/PAT/'.  If you wish to include `/' as part of PAT you must preceded
it by `\'.  VIP strips off these `\''s before `/' and the resulting PAT
becomes the actual search pattern.  Emacs provides a different and
richer class or regular expressions than Vi/Ex, and VIP uses Emacs'
regular expressions.  See GNU Emacs Manual for details of regular

   Several Ex commands can be entered in a line by separating them by a
pipe character `|'.

* Ex Command Reference
Explain all the Ex commands available in VIP.

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