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The Termcap Library

   The termcap library is the application programmer's interface to the
termcap data base.  It contains functions for the following purposes:

   * Finding the description of the user's terminal type (`tgetent').

   * Interrogating the description for information on various topics
     (`tgetnum', `tgetflag', `tgetstr').

   * Computing and performing padding (`tputs').

   * Encoding numeric parameters such as cursor positions into the
     terminal-specific form required for display commands (`tparam',

* Preparation
Preparing to use the termcap library.
* Find
Finding the description of the terminal being used.
* Interrogate
Interrogating the description for particular capabilities.
* Initialize
Initialization for output using termcap.
* Padding
Outputting padding.
* Parameters
Encoding parameters such as cursor positions.

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