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The Supercite Mailing List

   The author runs a simple mail expanding mailing list for discussion
of issues related to Supercite. This includes enhancement requests, bug
reports, general help questions, etc.  To subscribe or unsubscribe to
the mailing list, send a request to the administrative address:

     Internet: supercite-request@anthem.nlm.nih.gov
         UUCP: uunet!anthem.nlm.nih.gov!supercite-request

   Please be sure to include the most reliable and shortest (preferably
Internet) address back to you.  To post articles to the list, send your
message to this address (you do not need to be a member to post, but be
sure to indicate this in your article or replies may not be CC'd to

     Internet: supercite@anthem.nlm.nih.gov
         UUCP: uunet!anthem.nlm.nih.gov!supercite

   If you are sending bug reports, they should go to the following
address, but *please*! use the command `sc-submit-bug-report' since it
will be much easier for me to duplicate your problem if you do so.  It
will set up a mail buffer automatically with this address on the `To:'

     Internet: supercite-help@anthem.nlm.nih.gov
         UUCP: uunet!anthem.nlm.nih.gov!supercite-help

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