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Post-yank Formatting Commands

   Once the original message has been yanked into the reply buffer, and
`sc-cite-original' has had a chance to do its thing, a number of useful
Supercite commands will be available to you. Since there is wide
variety in the keymaps that MUAs set up in their reply buffers, it is
next to impossible for Supercite to properly sprinkle its commands into
the existing keymap.  For this reason Supercite places its commands on a
separate keymap, putting this keymap onto a prefix key in the reply
buffer. You can customize the prefix key Supercite uses by changing the
variable `sc-mode-map-prefix'.  By default, the `sc-mode-map-prefix' is
`C-c C-p'; granted, not a great choice, but unfortunately the best
general solution so far.  In the rest of this chapter, we'll assume
you've installed Supercite's keymap on the default prefix.

* Citing Commands
* Insertion Commands
* Variable Toggling Shortcuts
* Mail Field Commands
* Miscellaneous Commands

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