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Defining Types

   The examples so far have described types as references to previously
defined types, or defined in terms of subranges of or pointers to
previously defined types.  This chapter describes the other type
descriptors that may follow the `=' in a type definition.

* Builtin Types
Integers, floating point, void, etc.
* Miscellaneous Types
Pointers, sets, files, etc.
* Cross-References
Referring to a type not yet defined.
* Subranges
A type with a specific range.
* Arrays
An aggregate type of same-typed elements.
* Strings
Like an array but also has a length.
* Enumerations
Like an integer but the values have names.
* Structures
An aggregate type of different-typed elements.
* Typedefs
Giving a type a name.
* Unions
Different types sharing storage.
* Function Types

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