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GNU C++ Stabs

* Class Names
C++ class names are both tags and typedefs.
* Nested Symbols
C++ symbol names can be within other types.
* Basic Cplusplus Types
* Simple Classes
* Class Instance
* Methods
Method definition
* Protections
* Method Modifiers
* Virtual Methods
* Inheritence
* Virtual Base Classes
* Static Members
   Type descriptors added for C++ descriptions:

     method type (`##' if minimal debug)

     Member (class and variable) type.  It is followed by type
     information for the offset basetype, a comma, and type information
     for the type of the field being pointed to.  (FIXME: this is
     acknowledged to be gibberish.  Can anyone say what really goes

     Note that there is a conflict between this and type attributes
     (Note: String Field.); both use type descriptor `@'.
     Fortunately, the `@' type descriptor used in this C++ sense always
     will be followed by a digit, `(', or `-', and type attributes
     never start with those things.

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