(pcl-cvs.info)On-line manual installation

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Installation of the on-line manual.

  1. Create the info file `pcl-cvs' from `pcl-cvs.texinfo' by typing
     `make info'.  If you don't have the program `makeinfo' you can get
     it by anonymous ftp from e.g. `ftp.gnu.ai.mit.edu' as
     `pub/gnu/texinfo-2.14.tar.Z' (there might be a newer version there
     when you read this), or you could use the preformatted info file
     `pcl-cvs.info' that is included in the distribution (type `cp
     pcl-cvs.info pcl-cvs').

  2. Move the info file `pcl-cvs' to your standard info directory.
     This might be called something like `/usr/gnu/emacs/info'.

  3. Edit the file `dir' in the info directory and enter one line to
     contain a pointer to the info file `pcl-cvs'.  The line can, for
     instance, look like this:

          * Pcl-cvs: (pcl-cvs).       An Emacs front-end to CVS.

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