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File status

   The `file status' field can have the following values:

     The file was brought up to date with respect to the repository.
     This is done for any file that exists in the repository but not in
     your source, and for files that you haven't changed but are not
     the most recent versions available in the repository.

     The file is modified in  your  working  directory, and there was no
     modification to the same file in the repository.

     The file is modified in your working directory, and there were
     modifications in the repository as well as in your copy, but they
     were merged successfully, without conflict, in your working

     A conflict was detected while trying to merge your changes to FILE
     with changes from the source repository.  FILE (the copy in your
     working directory) is now the output of the `rcsmerge' command on
     the two versions; an unmodified copy of your file is also in your
     working directory, with the name `.#FILE.VERSION', where VERSION
     is the RCS revision that your modified file started from.  *Note
     Viewing differences::, for more details.

     The file has been added by you, but it still needs to be checked
     in to the repository.

     The file has been removed by you, but it needs to be checked in to
     the repository.  You can resurrect it by typing `a' (Note: Adding
     and removing files.).

     A file that was detected in your directory, but that neither
     appears in the repository, nor is present on the list of files
     that CVS should ignore.

   There are also a few special cases, that rarely occur, which have
longer strings in the fields:

`Removed from repository'
     The file has been removed from your directory since someone has
     removed it from the repository.  (It is still present in the Attic
     directory, so no permanent loss has occurred).  This, unlike the
     other entries in this table, is not an error condition.

`Removed from repository, changed by you'
     You have modified a file that someone have removed from the
     repository.  You can correct this situation by removing the file
     manually (see Note: Adding and removing files.).

`Removed by you, changed in repository'
     You have removed a file, and before you committed the removal
     someone committed a change to that file.  You could use `a' to
     resurrect the file (see Note: Adding and removing files.).

`Move away FILE - it is in the way'
     For some reason CVS does not like the file FILE.  Rename or remove

`This repository is missing! Remove this dir manually.'
     It is impossible to remove a directory in the CVS repository in a
     clean way.  Someone have tried to remove one, and CVS gets
     confused.  Remove your copy of the directory.

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