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Contributors to pcl-cvs

   Contributions to the package are welcome.  I have limited time to
work on this project, but I will gladly add any code that you
contribute to me to this package (Note: Bugs.).

   The following persons have made contributions to pcl-cvs.

   * Brian Berliner wrote CVS, together with some other contributors.
     Without his work on CVS this package would be useless...

   * Per Cederqvist wrote most of the otherwise unattributed functions
     in pcl-cvs as well as all documentation.

   * Inge Wallin (`inge@lysator.liu.se') wrote the skeleton to
     `pcl-cvs.texinfo', and gave useful comments on it.  He also wrote
     the files `elib-node.el' and `compile-all.el'.  The file
     `cookie.el' was inspired by Inge.

   * Linus Tolke (`linus@lysator.liu.se') contributed useful comments
     on both the functionality and the documentation.

   * Jamie Zawinski (`jwz@lucid.com') contributed `pcl-cvs-lucid.el'.

   * Leif Lonnblad contributed RCVS support.

   Apart from these, a lot of people have send me suggestions, ideas,
requests, bug reports and encouragement.  Thanks a lot!  Without your
there would be no new releases of pcl-cvs.

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