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Bugs (known and unknown)

   If you find a bug or misfeature, don't hesitate to tell me!  Send
email to `ceder@lysator.liu.se'.

   If you have ideas for improvements, or if you have written some
extensions to this package, I would like to hear from you.  I hope that
you find this package useful!

   Below is a partial list of currently known problems with pcl-cvs
version 1.05.

Commit causes Emacs to hang
     Emacs waits for the `cvs commit' command to finish before you can
     do anything.  If you start a background job from the loginfo file
     you must take care that it closes `stdout' and `stderr' if you do
     not want to wait for it.  (You do that with `background-command &>-
     2&>- &' if you are starting `background-command' from a `/bin/sh'
     shell script).

     Your emacs will also hang if there was a lock file in the
     repository.  In this case you can type `C-g' to get control over
     your emacs again.

Name clash in Emacs 19
     This is really a bug in Elib or the Emacs 19 distribution.  Both
     Elib and Emacs 19.6 through at least 19.10 contains a file named
     `cookie.el'.  One of the files will have to be renamed, and we are
     currently negotiating about which of the files to rename.

Commands while cvs-update is running
     It is possible to type commands in the *cvs* buffer while the
     update is running, but error messages is all that you will get.
     The error messages should be better.

Unexpected output from CVS
     Unexpected output from CVS confuses pcl-cvs.  It will currently
     create a bug report that you can mail to me.  It should do
     something more civilized.

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