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Rule Example

   Here is an example of a rule:

     foo.o : foo.c defs.h       # module for twiddling the frobs
             cc -c -g foo.c

   Its target is `foo.o' and its dependencies are `foo.c' and `defs.h'.
It has one command, which is `cc -c -g foo.c'.  The command line
starts with a tab to identify it as a command.

   This rule says two things:

   * How to decide whether `foo.o' is out of date: it is out of date if
     it does not exist, or if either `foo.c' or `defs.h' is more recent
     than it.

   * How to update the file `foo.o': by running `cc' as stated.  The
     command does not explicitly mention `defs.h', but we presume that
     `foo.c' includes it, and that that is why `defs.h' was added to
     the dependencies.

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