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Another Style of Makefile

   When the objects of a makefile are created only by implicit rules, an
alternative style of makefile is possible.  In this style of makefile,
you group entries by their dependencies instead of by their targets.
Here is what one looks like:

     objects = main.o kbd.o command.o display.o \
               insert.o search.o files.o utils.o
     edit : $(objects)
             cc -o edit $(objects)
     $(objects) : defs.h
     kbd.o command.o files.o : command.h
     display.o insert.o search.o files.o : buffer.h

Here `defs.h' is given as a dependency of all the object files;
`command.h' and `buffer.h' are dependencies of the specific object
files listed for them.

   Whether this is better is a matter of taste: it is more compact, but
some people dislike it because they find it clearer to put all the
information about each target in one place.

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