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3 Lexical and syntactic conventions

As `m4' reads its input, it separates it into "tokens".  A token is
either a name, a quoted string, or any single character, that is not a
part of either a name or a string.  Input to `m4' can also contain
comments.  GNU `m4' does not yet understand multibyte locales; all
operations are byte-oriented rather than character-oriented (although
if your locale uses a single byte encoding, such as ISO-8859-1, you
will not notice a difference).  However, `m4' is eight-bit clean, so
you can use non-ASCII characters in quoted strings (*note
Changequote::), comments (Note: Changecom), and macro names (*note
Indir::), with the exception of the NUL character (the zero byte

* Names
Macro names
* Quoted strings
Quoting input to `m4'
* Comments
Comments in `m4' input
* Other tokens
Other kinds of input tokens
* Input processing
How `m4' copies input to output

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