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9.2 Searching for include files

GNU `m4' allows included files to be found in other directories than
the current working directory.

   If the `--prepend-include' or `-B' command-line option was provided
(Note: Invoking m4.), those directories are
searched first, in reverse order that those options were listed on the
command line.  Then `m4' looks in the current working directory.  Next
comes the directories specified with the `--include' or `-I' option, in
the order found on the command line.  Finally, if the `M4PATH'
environment variable is set, it is expected to contain a
colon-separated list of directories, which will be searched in order.

   If the automatic search for include-files causes trouble, the `p'
debug flag (Note: Debug Levels) can help isolate the problem.

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