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14.1 Printing error messages

You can print error messages using `errprint':

 -- Builtin: errprint (MESSAGE, ...)
     Prints MESSAGE and the rest of the arguments to standard error,
     separated by spaces.  Standard error is used, regardless of the
     `--debugfile' option (Note: Invoking m4.).

     The expansion of `errprint' is void.  The macro `errprint' is
     recognized only with parameters.

     errprint(`Invalid arguments to forloop
     error-->Invalid arguments to forloop
     error-->12 3

   A trailing newline is _not_ printed automatically, so it should be
supplied as part of the argument, as in the example.  Unfortunately, the
exact output of `errprint' is not very portable to other `m4'
implementations: POSIX requires that all arguments be printed, but some
implementations of `m4' only print the first.  Furthermore, some BSD
implementations always append a newline for each `errprint' call,
regardless of whether the last argument already had one, and POSIX is
silent on whether this is acceptable.

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