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16 Compatibility with other versions of `m4'

This chapter describes the many of the differences between this
implementation of `m4', and of other implementations found under UNIX,
such as System V Release 3, Solaris, and BSD flavors.  In particular,
it lists the known differences and extensions to POSIX.  However, the
list is not necessarily comprehensive.

   At the time of this writing, POSIX 2001 (also known as IEEE Std
1003.1-2001) is the latest standard, although a new version of POSIX is
under development and includes several proposals for modifying what
`m4' is required to do.  The requirements for `m4' are shared between
SUSv3 and POSIX, and can be viewed at

* Extensions
Extensions in GNU M4
* Incompatibilities
Facilities in System V m4 not in GNU M4
* Other Incompatibilities
Other incompatibilities

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