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3.3 Comments in `m4' input

Comments in `m4' are normally delimited by the characters `#' and
newline.  All characters between the comment delimiters are ignored,
but the entire comment (including the delimiters) is passed through to
the output--comments are _not_ discarded by `m4'.

   Comments cannot be nested, so the first newline after a `#' ends the
comment.  The commenting effect of the begin-comment string can be
inhibited by quoting it.

     $ m4
     `quoted text' # `commented text'
     =>quoted text # `commented text'
     `quoting inhibits' `#' `comments'
     =>quoting inhibits # comments

   The comment delimiters can be changed to any string at any time,
using the builtin macro `changecom'.  Note: Changecom, for more

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