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   This chapter describes most of the functions and variables related to
Emacs windows.  See Note: Display, for information on how text is
displayed in windows.

* Basic Windows
Basic information on using windows.
* Splitting Windows
Splitting one window into two windows.
* Deleting Windows
Deleting a window gives its space to other windows.
* Selecting Windows
The selected window is the one that you edit in.
* Cyclic Window Ordering
Moving around the existing windows.
* Buffers and Windows
Each window displays the contents of a buffer.
* Displaying Buffers
Higher-lever functions for displaying a buffer and choosing a window for it.
* Choosing Window
How to choose a window for displaying a buffer.
* Window Point
Each window has its own location of point.
* Window Start
The display-start position controls which text is on-screen in the window.
* Vertical Scrolling
Moving text up and down in the window.
* Horizontal Scrolling
Moving text sideways on the window.
* Size of Window
Accessing the size of a window.
* Resizing Windows
Changing the size of a window.
* Coordinates and Windows
Converting coordinates to windows.
* Window Configurations
Saving and restoring the state of the screen.

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