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Proper Use of Dynamic Scoping

   Binding a variable in one function and using it in another is a
powerful technique, but if used without restraint, it can make programs
hard to understand.  There are two clean ways to use this technique:

   * Use or bind the variable only in a few related functions, written
     close together in one file.  Such a variable is used for
     communication within one program.

     You should write comments to inform other programmers that they
     can see all uses of the variable before them, and to advise them
     not to add uses elsewhere.

   * Give the variable a well-defined, documented meaning, and make all
     appropriate functions refer to it (but not bind it or set it)
     wherever that meaning is relevant.  For example, the variable
     `case-fold-search' is defined as "non-`nil' means ignore case when
     searching"; various search and replace functions refer to it
     directly or through their subroutines, but do not bind or set it.

     Then you can bind the variable in other programs, knowing reliably
     what the effect will be.

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