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Operating System Interface

   This chapter is about starting and getting out of Emacs, access to
values in the operating system environment, and terminal input, output
and flow control.

   Note: Building Emacs, for related information.  See also *Note
Display::, for additional operating system status information
pertaining to the terminal and the screen.

* Starting Up
Customizing Emacs start-up processing.
* Getting Out
How exiting works (permanent or temporary).
* System Environment
Distinguish the name and kind of system.
* User Identification
Finding the name and user id of the user.
* Time of Day
Getting the current time.
* Timers
Setting a timer to call a function at a certain time.
* Terminal Input
Recording terminal input for debugging.
* Terminal Output
Recording terminal output for debugging.
* Flow Control
How to turn output flow control on or off.
* Batch Mode
Running Emacs without terminal interaction.

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