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Process Type

   The word "process" means a running program.  Emacs itself runs in a
process of this sort.  However, in Emacs Lisp, a process is a Lisp
object that designates a subprocess created by Emacs process.  External
subprocesses, such as shells, GDB, ftp, and compilers, may be used to
extend the processing capability of Emacs.

   A process takes input from Emacs and returns output to Emacs for
further manipulation.  Both text and signals can be communicated between
Emacs and a subprocess.

   Processes have no read syntax.  They print in hash notation, giving
the name of the process:

          => (#<process shell>)

   Note: Processes, for information about functions that create,
delete, return information about, send input or signals to, and receive
output from processes.

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