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Major and Minor Modes

   A "mode" is a set of definitions that customize Emacs and can be
turned on and off while you edit.  There are two varieties of modes:
"major modes", which are mutually exclusive and used for editing
particular kinds of text, and "minor modes", which provide features that
may be enabled individually.

   This chapter covers both major and minor modes, the way they are
indicated in the mode line, and how they run hooks supplied by the user.
Related topics such as keymaps and syntax tables are covered in separate
chapters.  (Note: Keymaps, and Note: Syntax Tables.)

* Major Modes
Defining major modes.
* Minor Modes
Defining minor modes.
* Mode Line Format
Customizing the text that appears in the mode line.
* Hooks
How to use hooks; how to write code that provides hooks.

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