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Getting Help about a Major Mode

   The `describe-mode' function is used to provide information about
major modes.  It is normally called with `C-h m'.  The `describe-mode'
function uses the value of `major-mode', which is why every major mode
function needs to set the `major-mode' variable.

 - Command: describe-mode
     This function displays the documentation of the current major mode.

     The `describe-mode' function calls the `documentation' function
     using the value of `major-mode' as an argument.  Thus, it displays
     the documentation string of the major mode function.  (*Note
     Accessing Documentation::.)

 - Variable: major-mode
     This variable holds the symbol for the current buffer's major
     mode.  This symbol should be the name of the function that is
     called to initialize the mode.  The `describe-mode' function uses
     the documentation string of this symbol as the documentation of
     the major mode.

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