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   A "minibuffer" is a special buffer that Emacs commands use to read
arguments more complicated than the single numeric prefix argument.
These arguments include file names, buffer names, and command names (as
in `M-x').  The minibuffer is displayed on the bottom line of the
screen, in the same place as the echo area, but only while it is in use
for reading an argument.

* Intro to Minibuffers
Basic information about minibuffers.
* Text from Minibuffer
How to read a straight text string.
* Object from Minibuffer
How to read a Lisp object or expression.
* Minibuffer History
Recording previous minibuffer inputs so the user can reuse them.
* Completion
How to invoke and customize completion.
* Yes-or-No Queries
Asking a question with a simple answer.
* Multiple Queries
Asking a series of similar questions.
* Minibuffer Misc
Various customization hooks and variables.

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