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 - Variable: current-menubar
     This variable holds the description of the current menubar.  This
     may be buffer-local.  When the menubar is changed, the function
     `set-menubar-dirty-flag' has to be called in order for the menubar
     to be updated on the screen.

 - Function: set-menubar-dirty-flag
     This function tells Emacs that the menubar widget has to be
     updated.  Changes to the menubar will generally not be visible
     until this function is called.

   The following convenience functions are provided for setting the
menubar.  They are equivalent to doing the appropriate action to change
`current-menubar', and then calling `set-menubar-dirty-flag'.  Note
that these functions copy their argument using `copy-sequence'.

 - Function: set-menubar MENUBAR
     This function sets the default menubar to be MENUBAR (Note: Menu
     Format.).  This is the menubar that will be visible in buffers
     that have not defined their own, buffer-local menubar.

 - Function: set-buffer-menubar MENUBAR
     This function sets the buffer-local menubar to be MENUBAR.  This
     does not change the menubar in any buffers other than the current


 - Variable: menubar-show-keybindings
     If true, the menubar will display keyboard equivalents.  If false,
     only the command names will be displayed.

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