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Integer Type

   Integers are the only kind of number in GNU Emacs Lisp, version 18.
The range of values for integers is -8388608 to 8388607 (24 bits; i.e.,

   -2**23 to

   2**23 - 1) on most machines, but is 25 or 26 bits on some systems.
It is important to note that the Emacs Lisp arithmetic functions do not
check for overflow.  Thus `(1+ 8388607)' is -8388608 on 24-bit

   The read syntax for numbers is a sequence of (base ten) digits with
an optional sign.  The printed representation produced by the Lisp
interpreter never has a leading `+'.

     -1               ; The integer -1.
     1                ; The integer 1.
     +1               ; Also the integer 1.
     16777217         ; Also the integer 1!
                      ;   (on a 24-bit or 25-bit implementation)

   Note: Numbers, for more information.

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