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Input Events

   The Emacs command loop reads a sequence of "input events" that
represent keyboard or mouse activity.  Unlike in Emacs 18 and in FSF
Emacs 19, events are a primitive Lisp type that must be manipulated
using their own accessor and settor primitives.  This section describes
the representation and meaning of input events in detail.

   A key sequence that starts with a mouse event is read using the
keymaps of the buffer in the window that the mouse was in, not the
current buffer.  This does not imply that clicking in a window selects
that window or its buffer--that is entirely under the control of the
command binding of the key sequence.

   For information about how exactly the Emacs command loop works,
Note: Reading Input.

 - Function: eventp OBJECT
     This function returns non-`nil' if EVENT is an input event.

* Event Types
* Event Contents
* Event Predicates
* Accessing Events
* Working With Events
* Converting Events

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