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   In Emacs, you can find, create, view, save, and otherwise work with
files and file directories.  This chapter describes most of the
file-related functions of Emacs Lisp, but a few others are described in
Note: Buffers, and those related to backups and auto-saving are
described in Note: Backups and Auto-Saving.

* Visiting Files
Reading files into Emacs buffers for editing.
* Saving Buffers
Writing changed buffers back into files.
* Reading from Files
Reading files into buffers without visiting.
* Writing to Files
Writing new files from parts of buffers.
* File Locks
Locking and unlocking files, to prevent simultaneous editing by two people.
* Information about Files
Testing existence, accessibility, size of files.
* Contents of Directories
Getting a list of the files in a directory.
* Create/Delete Dirs
Creating and Deleting Directories.
* Changing File Attributes
Renaming files, changing protection, etc.
* File Names
Decomposing and expanding file names.
* Magic File Names
Defining "magic" special handling for certain file names.
* Partial Files
Treating a section of a buffer as a file.

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