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Emacs Display

   This chapter describes a number of features related to the display
that Emacs presents to the user.

* Refresh Screen
Clearing the screen and redrawing everything on it.
* Truncation
Folding or wrapping long text lines.
* The Echo Area
Where messages are displayed.
* Selective Display
Hiding part of the buffer text.
* Overlay Arrow
Display of an arrow to indicate position.
* Temporary Displays
Displays that go away automatically.
* Faces
A face defines a graphics appearance: font, color, etc.
* Window System Objects
Working with objects such as fonts and bitmaps.
* Blinking
How Emacs shows the matching open parenthesis.
* Inverse Video
Specifying how the screen looks.
* Usual Display
The usual conventions for displaying nonprinting chars.
* Display Tables
How to specify other conventions.
* Beeping
Audible signal to the user.
* Window Systems
Which window system is being used.

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