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Buffers Menu

   The following options control how the `Buffers' menu is displayed.
This is a list of all (or a subset of) the buffers currently in
existence, and is updated dynamically.

 - User Option: buffers-menu-max-size
     This user option holds the maximum number of entries which may
     appear on the `Buffers' menu.  If this is 10, then only the ten
     most-recently-selected buffers will be shown.  If this is `nil',
     then all buffers will be shown.  Setting this to a large number or
     `nil' will slow down menu responsiveness.

 - Function: format-buffers-menu-line BUFFER
     This function returns a string to represent BUFFER in the
     `Buffers' menu.  `nil' means the buffer shouldn't be listed.  You
     can redefine this.

 - User Option: complex-buffers-menu-p
     If true, the `Buffers' menu will contain several commands, as
     submenus of each buffer line.  If this is false, then there will
     be only one command: select that buffer.

 - User Option: buffers-menu-switch-to-buffer-function
     This user option holds the function to call to select a buffer
     from the `Buffers' menu.  `switch-to-buffer' is a good choice, as
     is `pop-to-buffer'.

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