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   This manual was written by Robert Krawitz, Bil Lewis, Dan LaLiberte,
Richard M. Stallman and Chris Welty, the volunteers of the GNU manual
group, in an effort extending over several years.  Robert J. Chassell
helped to review and edit the manual, with the support of the Defense
Advanced Research Projects Agency, ARPA Order 6082, arranged by Warren
A. Hunt, Jr. of Computational Logic, Inc.  Ben Wing updated this manual
for Lucid Emacs 19.10.

   Corrections were supplied by Karl Berry, Jim Blandy, Bard Bloom,
David Boyes, Alan Carroll, David A. Duff, Beverly Erlebacher, David
Eckelkamp, Eirik Fuller, Eric Hanchrow, George Hartzell, Nathan Hess,
Dan Jacobson, Jak Kirman, Bob Knighten, Frederick M. Korz, Joe Lammens,
K. Richard Magill, Brian Marick, Roland McGrath, Skip Montanaro, John
Gardiner Myers, Arnold D. Robbins, Raul Rockwell, Shinichirou Sugou,
Kimmo Suominen, Edward Tharp, Bill Trost, Jean White, Matthew Wilding,
Carl Witty, Dale Worley, Rusty Wright, and David D. Zuhn.

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