(lemacs.info)Using X Selections

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Using X Selections

   In the X window system, mouse selections provide a simple mechanism
for text transfer between different applications.  In a typical X
application, you can select text by pressing the left mouse button and
dragging the cursor over the text you want to copy.  The text becomes
the primary X selection and is highlighted.  The highlighted region is
also the Emacs selected region.

   * Since the region is the primary X selection, you can go to a
     different X application and click the middle mouse button: the
     text that you selected in the previous application is pasted into
     the current application.

   * Since the region is the Emacs selected region, you can use all
     region commands (`C-w, M-w' etc.) as well as the options of the
     Edit menu to manipulate the selected text.

* X Clipboard Selection
Pasting to the X clipboard.
* X Selection Commands
Other operations on the selection.
* X Cut Buffers
X cut buffers are available for compatibility.
* Active Regions
Using zmacs-style highlighting of the selected region.

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