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Time Display Format

   In the calendar, diary, and related buffers, Emacs displays times of
day in the conventional American style with the hours from 1 through 12,
minutes, and either `am' or `pm'.  If you prefer the "military"
(European) style of writing times--in which the hours go from 00 to
23--you can alter the variable `calendar-time-display-form'.  This
variable is a list of expressions that can involve the variables
`12-hours', `24-hours', and `minutes', all numbers in string form, and
`am-pm' and `time-zone', both alphabetic strings.  The default
definition of `calendar-time-display-form' is as follows:

     (12-hours ":" minutes am-pm
               (if time-zone " (") time-zone (if time-zone ")"))

   Setting `calendar-time-display-form' to

     (24-hours ":" minutes
               (if time-zone " (") time-zone (if time-zone ")"))

gives military-style times like `21:07 (UT)' if time zone names are
defined, and times like `21:07' if they are not.

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