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Checking and Correcting Spelling

     Check and correct spelling of word (`spell-word').

`M-x spell-buffer'
     Check and correct spelling of each word in the buffer.

`M-x spell-region'
     Check and correct spelling of each word in the region.

`M-x spell-string'
     Check spelling of specified word.

   To check the spelling of the word before point, and optionally
correct it, use the command `M-$' (`spell-word').  This command runs an
inferior process containing the `spell' program to see whether the word
is correct English.  If it is not, it asks you to edit the word (in the
minibuffer) into a corrected spelling, and then performs a
`query-replace' to substitute the corrected spelling for the old one
throughout the buffer.

   If you exit the minibuffer without altering the original spelling, it
means you do not want to do anything to that word.  In that case, the
`query-replace' is not done.

   `M-x spell-buffer' checks each word in the buffer the same way that
`spell-word' does, doing a `query-replace' for every incorrect word if

   `M-x spell-region' is similar to `spell-buffer' but operates only on
the region, not the entire buffer.

   `M-x spell-string' reads a string as an argument and checks whether
that is a correctly spelled English word.  It prints a message giving
the answer in the echo area.

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