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   A "summary" is a buffer Rmail creates and displays to give you an
overview of the mail in an Rmail file.  It contains one line per
message; each line shows the message number, the sender, the labels,
and the subject.  When you select the summary buffer, you can use a
number of commands to select messages by moving in the summary buffer,
or to delete or undelete messages.

   A summary buffer applies to a single Rmail file only; if you are
editing multiple Rmail files, they have separate summary buffers.  The
summary buffer name is generated by appending `-summary' to the Rmail
buffer's name.  Only one summary buffer is displayed at a time unless
you make several windows and select the summary buffers by hand.

* Rmail Make Summary
Making various sorts of summaries.
* Rmail Summary Edit
Manipulating messages from the summary.

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