(lemacs.info)Replacement and Case

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Replace Commands and Case

   If the arguments to a replace command are in lower case, the command
preserves case when it makes a replacement.  Thus, the following

     M-x replace-string RET foo RET bar RET

replaces a lower-case `foo' with a lower case `bar', `FOO' with `BAR',
and `Foo' with `Bar'.  If upper-case letters are used in the second
argument, they remain upper-case every time that argument is inserted.
If upper-case letters are used in the first argument, the second
argument is always substituted exactly as given, with no case
conversion.  Likewise, if the variable `case-replace' is set to `nil',
replacement is done without case conversion.  If `case-fold-search' is
set to `nil', case is significant in matching occurrences of `foo' to
replace; also, case conversion of the replacement string is not done.

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