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Saving Positions in Registers

   Saving a position records a spot in a buffer so you can move back
there later.  Moving to a saved position re-selects the buffer and
moves point to the spot.

`C-x r SPC R'
     Save the location of point in register R (`point-to-register').

`C-x r j R'
     Jump to the location saved in register R (`register-to-point').

   To save the current location of point in a register, choose a name R
and type `C-x r SPC R'.  The register R retains the location thus saved
until you store something else in that register.

   The command `C-x r j R' moves point to the location recorded in
register R.  The register is not affected; it continues to record the
same location.  You can jump to the same position using the same
register as often as you want.

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