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Listing Existing Buffers

`C-x C-b'
     List the existing buffers (`list-buffers').

   To print a list of all existing buffers, type `C-x C-b'.  Each line
in the list shows one buffer's name, major mode, and visited file.  A
`*' at the beginning of a line indicates the buffer has been
"modified".  If several buffers are modified, it may be time to save
some with `C-x s' (Note: Saving.).  A `%' indicates a read-only
buffer.  A `.' marks the selected buffer.  Here is an example of a
buffer list:

      MR Buffer         Size  Mode           File
      -- ------         ----  ----           ----
     .*  emacs.tex      383402 Texinfo       /u2/emacs/man/emacs.tex
         *Help*         1287  Fundamental
         files.el       23076 Emacs-Lisp     /u2/emacs/lisp/files.el
       % RMAIL          64042 RMAIL          /u/rms/RMAIL
      *% man            747   Dired		/u2/emacs/man/
         net.emacs      343885 Fundamental   /u/rms/net.emacs
         fileio.c       27691 C              /u2/emacs/src/fileio.c
         NEWS           67340 Text           /u2/emacs/etc/NEWS
         *scratch*	   0	 Lisp Interaction

Note that the buffer `*Help*' was made by a help request; it is not
visiting any file.  The buffer `man' was made by Dired on the directory

   As you move the mouse over the `*Buffer List*' buffer, the lines are
highlighted.  This visual cue indicates that clicking the right mouse
button (`button3') will pop up a menu of commands on the buffer
represented by this line.  This menu duplicates most of those commands
which are bound to keys in the `*Buffer List*' buffer.

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