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Killing Your Mistakes

     Delete last character (`delete-backward-char').

     Kill last word (`backward-kill-word').

`C-x DEL'
     Kill to beginning of sentence (`backward-kill-sentence').

   The DEL character (`delete-backward-char') is the most important
correction command.  When used among graphic (self-inserting)
characters, it can be thought of as canceling the last character typed.

   When your mistake is longer than a couple of characters, it might be
more convenient to use `M-DEL' or `C-x DEL'.  `M-DEL' kills back to the
start of the last word, and `C-x DEL' kills back to the start of the
last sentence.  `C-x DEL' is particularly useful when you are thinking
of what to write as you type it, in case you change your mind about
phrasing.  `M-DEL' and `C-x DEL' save the killed text for `C-y' and
`M-y' to retrieve.  Note: Yanking.

   `M-DEL' is often useful even when you have typed only a few
characters wrong, if you know you are confused in your typing and aren't
sure exactly what you typed.  At such a time, you cannot correct with
DEL except by looking at the screen to see what you did.  It requires
less thought to kill the whole word and start over.

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