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Horizontal Scrolling

`C-x <'
     Scroll text in current window to the left (`scroll-left').

`C-x >'
     Scroll to the right (`scroll-right').

   The text in a window can also be scrolled horizontally.  This means
that each line of text is shifted sideways in the window, and one or
more characters at the beginning of each line are not displayed at all.
When a window has been scrolled horizontally in this way, text lines
are truncated rather than continued (Note: Continuation Lines.), with
a `$' appearing in the first column when there is text truncated to the
left, and in the last column when there is text truncated to the right.

   The command `C-x <' (`scroll-left') scrolls the selected window to
the left by N columns with argument N.  With no argument, it scrolls by
almost the full width of the window (two columns less, to be precise).
`C-x >' (`scroll-right') scrolls similarly to the right.  The window
cannot be scrolled any farther to the right once it is displaying
normally (with each line starting at the window's left margin);
attempting to do so has no effect.

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