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Miscellaneous Calendar Commands

`p d'
     Display day-in-year (`calendar-print-day-of-year').

     Briefly describe calendar commands (`describe-calendar-mode').

     Scroll the next window (`scroll-other-window').

`C-c C-l'
     Regenerate the calendar window (`redraw-calendar').

     Exit from calendar (`exit-calendar').

   If you want to know how many days have elapsed since the start of
the year, or the number of days remaining in the year, type the `p d'
command (`calendar-print-day-of-year').  This displays both of those
numbers in the echo area.

   To display a brief description of the calendar commands, type `?'
(`describe-calendar-mode').  For a fuller description, type `C-h m'.

   You can use `SPC' (`scroll-other-window') to scroll the other
window.  This is handy when you display a list of holidays or diary
entries in another window.

   If the calendar window gets corrupted, type `C-c C-l'
(`redraw-calendar') to redraw it.

   To exit from the calendar, type `q' (`exit-calendar').  This buries
all buffers related to the calendar and returns the window display to
what it was when you entered the calendar.

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