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Fortran Keyword Abbrevs

   Fortran mode provides many built-in abbrevs for common keywords and
declarations.  These are the same sort of abbrevs that you can define
yourself.  To use them, you must turn on Abbrev mode.  Note: Abbrevs..

   The built-in abbrevs are unusual in one way: they all start with a
semicolon.  You cannot normally use semicolon in an abbrev, but Fortran
mode makes this possible by changing the syntax of semicolon to "word

   For example, one built-in Fortran abbrev is `;c' for `continue'.  If
you insert `;c' and then insert a punctuation character such as a space
or a newline, the `;c' changes automatically to `continue', provided
Abbrev mode is enabled.

   Type `;?' or `;C-h' to display a list of all built-in Fortran
abbrevs and what they stand for.

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