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Fancy Diary Display

   Diary display works by preparing the diary buffer and then running
the hook `diary-display-hook'.  The default value of this hook hides
the irrelevant diary entries and then displays the buffer
(`simple-diary-display').  However, if you specify the hook as follows,

     (add-hook 'diary-display-hook 'fancy-diary-display)

then fancy mode displays diary entries and holidays by copying them into
a special buffer that exists only for display.  Copying provides an
opportunity to change the displayed text to make it prettier--for
example, to sort the entries by the dates they apply to.

   As with simple diary display, you can print a hard copy of the buffer
with `print-diary-entries'.  To print a hard copy of a day-by-day diary
for a week by positioning point on Sunday of that week, type `7 d' and
then do `M-x print-diary-entries'.  As usual, the inclusion of the
holidays slows down the display slightly; you can speed things up by
setting the variable `holidays-in-diary-buffer' to `nil'.

   Ordinarily, the fancy diary buffer does not show days for which
there are no diary entries, even if that day is a holiday.  If you want
such days to be shown in the fancy diary buffer, set the variable
`diary-list-include-blanks' to `t'.

   If you use the fancy diary display, you can use the normal hook
`list-diary-entries-hook' to sort each day's diary entries by their
time of day.  Add this line to your `.emacs' file:

     (add-hook 'list-diary-entries-hook 'sort-diary-entries)

For each day, this sorts diary entries that begin with a recognizable
time of day according to their times.  Diary entries without times come
first within each day.

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