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   GNU Emacs can be programmed to emulate (more or less) most other
editors.  Standard facilities can emulate these:

EDT (DEC VMS editor)
     Turn on EDT emulation with `M-x edt-emulation-on'.  `M-x
     edt-emulation-off' restores normal Emacs command bindings.

     Most of the EDT emulation commands are keypad keys, and most
     standard Emacs key bindings are still available.  The EDT
     emulation rebindings are done in the global keymap, so there is no
     problem switching buffers or major modes while in EDT emulation.

Gosling Emacs
     Turn on emulation of Gosling Emacs (aka Unipress Emacs) with `M-x
     set-gosmacs-bindings'.  This redefines many keys, mostly on the
     `C-x' and `ESC' prefixes, to work as they do in Gosmacs.  `M-x
     set-gnu-bindings' returns to normal GNU Emacs by rebinding the
     same keys to the definitions they had at the time `M-x
     set-gosmacs-bindings' was done.

     It is also possible to run Mocklisp code written for Gosling Emacs.
     Note: Mocklisp.

evi (vi emulation in Lucid Emacs)
     In Lucid Emacs, evi is the preferred emulation of vi within Emacs.
     By default, evi-mode is as close as possible to regular vi.  To
     start evi mode from Emacs, type `M-x evi'.

     If you want be in evi mode whenever you bring up Emacs, include
     this line in your `.emacs' file:
          (setq term-setup-hook 'evi)
     Note: evi Mode for more information on evi Mode.

vi (Berkeley Unix editor)
     Turn on vi emulation with `M-x vi-mode'.  This is a major mode
     that replaces the previously established major mode.  All of the
     vi commands that in real vi enter "input" mode are programmed in
     the Emacs emulator to return to the previous major mode.  Thus,
     ordinary Emacs serves as vi's "input" mode.

     Because vi emulation works through major modes, it does not work
     to switch buffers during emulation.  Return to normal Emacs first.

     If you plan to use vi emulation much, you probably want to bind a
     key to the `vi-mode' command.

vi (alternate emulator)
     Another vi emulator said to resemble real vi more thoroughly is
     invoked by `M-x vip-mode'.  "Input" mode in this emulator is
     changed from ordinary Emacs so you can use ESC to go back to
     emulated vi command mode.  To get from emulated vi command mode
     back to ordinary Emacs, type `C-z'.

     This emulation does not work through major modes, and it is
     possible to switch buffers in various ways within the emulator.
     It is not so necessary to assign a key to the command `vip-mode' as
     it is with `vi-mode' because terminating insert mode does not use

     For full information, see the long comment at the beginning of the
     source file, which is `lisp/vip.el' in the Emacs distribution.

   Warning: loading more than one vi emulator at once may cause name
conflicts; no one has checked.

* evi Mode
Brief discussion of evi, the vi emulation mode within Lucid Emacs

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