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Editing Variable Values

`M-x list-options'
     Display a buffer listing names, values, and documentation of all

`M-x edit-options'
     Change option values by editing a list of options.

   `M-x list-options' displays a list of all Emacs option variables in
an Emacs buffer named `*List Options*'.  Each option is shown with its
documentation and its current value.  Here is what a portion of it might
look like:

     ;; exec-path:
     ("." "/usr/local/bin" "/usr/ucb" "/bin" "/usr/bin" "/u2/emacs/etc")
     *List of directories to search programs to run in subprocesses.
     Each element is a string (directory name)
     or nil (try the default directory).
     ;; fill-column:
     *Column beyond which automatic line-wrapping should happen.
     Automatically becomes local when set in any fashion.

   `M-x edit-options' goes one step further and immediately selects the
`*List Options*' buffer; this buffer uses the major mode Options mode,
which provides commands that allow you to point at an option and change
its value:

     Set the variable point is in or near to a new value read using the

     Toggle the variable point is in or near: if the value was `nil',
     it becomes `t'; otherwise it becomes `nil'.

     Set the variable point is in or near to `t'.

     Set the variable point is in or near to `nil'.

     Move to the next or previous variable.

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